The National Union of Air Transport Employees said many aviation workers could lose their jobs due to funds belonging to foreign airlines stranded in Nigeria.

He said the plight of hundreds of millions of dollars earned by foreign airlines operating in Nigeria, but which they had been unable to repatriate due to Nigeria’s currency problems, was causing colossal collateral damage. like Nigeria.

The union said it needed to weigh in on the issue, being the union to which all foreign airline workers belong, because NUATE’s stake in this imbroglio was much higher than most other stakeholders.

In a letter to Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika titled “Trapped Foreign Airlines Dollars: Looming Catastrophe – Call for Extraordinary Action,” NUATE said, “First, know who you are convinces you that this unpleasant situation must already be on your mind and that your office must have already worked very hard to find a viable solution.

“Secondly, being that you are an aviation professional yourself, we need not bore you by listing the many dangers that the continuation of this very unfavorable situation poses to the health of the aviation sector, the national economy and Nigeria’s position in the community of nations.

“However, we feel compelled to mention the threat to the jobs and livelihoods of thousands of workers at these foreign airlines should they resort to further deep cuts or outright cessation of operations.”

The union said it should also mention the concomitant losses (not excluding jobs) that would accrue to several service providers that depended, almost entirely, on foreign airlines – ground handling, in-flight catering, logistics, air security, among others.