Brexit was a total disaster. This week alone, we have seen the crisis of empty supermarket shelves worsen, soaring energy costs and the government having to pay millions to an American company to ensure the continuity of CO2 supplies that are vital for the food and beverage industry.

While not all of these problems were directly caused by Brexit, they were made significantly worse by Brexit.

The supply chain problems plaguing UK supermarkets could stem from a shortage of drivers due to the pandemic, but they were made worse by the fact that EU citizens who were so numerous among delivery drivers returned home and were not replaced.

Friends in Spain assure me there is no shortage in supermarkets there and are in disbelief that there are problems in the UK. Likewise, the food and drink industry in Northern Ireland has not reported any CO2 supply issues thanks to Northern Ireland’s integration into the customs union and the EU single market.

A desperate UK government was reduced to proposing the UK to join the US-Canada-Mexico trade deal as a junior partner. The UK insisted on leaving the single market and the EU customs union because British nationalist pride demanded the UK to be a ‘rule maker’ and not a ‘rule maker’, but could end up taking rules from Mexico.

Global Britain presents itself as a weak and helpless state, pathetically begging to be noticed.

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