Former President Donald Trump sued the New York attorney general on Monday in an attempt to end his multi-year civil investigation into his trade relationship, according to a court file.

The lawsuit in federal court in upstate New York claims Letitia James, a Democrat, violates Trump’s constitutional rights with a politically motivated investigation.

“Her mission is guided solely by political animosity and the desire to harass, intimidate and retaliate against a private citizen whom she considers a political opponent,” he said.

James is investigating whether the Trump Organization may have illegally reported false values ​​on his properties, potentially for banking and tax benefits.

In a statement released on Monday, James called Trump’s trial an “attempted collateral attack” on the investigation.

“Our investigation will continue without being discouraged because no one is above the law, not even someone called Trump,” she said.

Trump’s trial comes after the Washington Post reported earlier this month that James asked him to testify in person at his office on January 7.

She launched the investigation in March 2019 and suspects that the Trump Organization fraudulently overestimated the value of certain properties when researching bank loans, and then reported much lower values ​​when reporting assets in order to be able to pay less taxes.

Trump’s son Eric, who is executive vice president of the Trump Organization, was interviewed by James’ office on the matter in October 2020.

The former president is under the pressure of several judicial inquiries.

He was questioned for more than four hours on October 18 in a lawsuit brought by a group of protesters who allege his security guards assaulted them six years ago.

The Trump Organization is also under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney for possible financial crimes and insurance fraud.

In July, the Trump Organization and its longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg pleaded not guilty in a New York court to 15 counts of fraud and tax evasion.

This trial will begin in mid-2022.

Meanwhile, Trump is fighting to prevent years of his tax returns from being turned over to prosecutors.

And in Washington, he’s trying to block a Congressional investigation into the Jan.6 attack by his supporters on the United States Capitol from gaining access to White House documents relating to that day.

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