The UN has advised its workers in Lebanon to have enough food for at least one to two weeks amid deteriorating economic conditions in the country and excessive power cuts.

“Make sure you have enough food and water for at least one to two weeks, especially canned items that don’t require a refrigerator,” a statement from the Department of Safety and Security said Wednesday. United Nations Security (UNDSS).

He also advised them to keep their vehicle’s fuel tank full and to exercise extreme caution while waiting in lines at gas stations to avoid what he called “undesirable situations because it could become violent ”.

In recent weeks, long lines have formed at gas pumps across the country, after stations started rationing gasoline.

Fuel shortages have led to attacks on owners and staff.

The UNDSS statement also advised UN staff to keep enough money in emergency cash, US dollars and Lebanese pounds, and make sure they have matches, candles, a flashlight and batteries for use in excessive power outages.

He added that UN staff should also store drugs used regularly or continuously if needed and ensure that a first aid kit is available and on hand at all times.

UNDSS said it would continue to monitor the situation and provide security updates as needed.

On Thursday, the UN called its latest move “normal security recommendations and guidelines disseminated to its staff in all countries where the UN operates.”

He added that the recommendations are part of the UN’s organizational responsibility to its staff and that the guidelines are based on disseminated information.

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