The rapid growth of cryptocurrency shows no signs of stopping. As traditional assets lose yield, institutional and mainstream investors are turning to cryptocurrency.

As the crypto markets are very volatile, most investors do not want to sell their holdings even when the markets are down. This opens up a huge market for crypto lending platforms like YouHodler that allows users to acquire loans instantly, leveraging their cryptocurrencies for EUR or USD.

YouHodler is a bridge between conventional centralized financial systems and the decentralized digital economy.

What is YouHodler?

YouHodler is a Switzerland-based lending platform that allows customers to take out low-interest loans by pledging their cryptocurrency as collateral, saving them money. YouHodler believes in the concept that consumers should HODL their cryptos during low markets and sell them when the market rises.

The exchange allows users to borrow fiat at any time based on the current value of crypto assets. It offers users more than 50 supported coin investments as well as stablecoins.

With users from 180 countries, the platform offers crypto-fiat and crypto-to-crypto financial services that guarantee financial returns to its users.

Compound interest is credited to the user’s account weekly after depositing the cryptocurrency. If the user does not choose to withdraw their interest, their earnings will automatically increase. Additional interest is calculated every 6 hours.

Products offered

Savings accounts: Users can deposit crypto into their verified savings account and earn interest up to 12.3% on stablecoins without any risk. YouHodler offers users the highest interest rates with no lockup time and an instant withdrawal option.

The exchange also assures users weekly interest on deposited crypto and the ability to use savings funds as collateral for loan products. So users can take a limited risk with an asymmetrically high level of potential profit.

One-click exchange: One-click exchange allows users to buy crypto with fiat via bank transfer or credit card and convert fiat to crypto or stablecoins in seconds.

Users can buy and trade cryptocurrency on the site using YouHodler’s comprehensive suite of crypto conversion tools, saving time, money and avoiding risk on external crypto exchanges.

YouHodler’s cold and hot crypto wallet technology is supported by a team of skilled developers and offers top-of-the-line security. All credit card transactions are subject to PCI security standards and all encryption operations are carried out in accordance with the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) with external security audits carried out regularly.

MultiHODL: This feature help users multiply a certain crypto asset using instant cash loans. This feature is a beginner friendly trading tool used to multiply funds with borrowed funds without opening or closing fees.

Based on the loan chain principle, it allows users to easily trade ongoing trends, thus avoiding the risk of volatility in the crypto market.

With Multi HODL, users can profit from any market condition whether the market is going up or down. Pick a favorite coin and select an acceptable level of risk with a multiplier from X2 to X50, and capture trends on the charts.

The platform allows users to track their progress and enter trades when they want to profit or get their money back. If the price falls below your loss level, their trade will be instantly closed.

Crypto loans: The exchange offers the highest loan-to-value ratio of 90% for the crypto you pledge to use money with no fees for crypto deposits or withdrawals.

The Crypto Loan Calculator helps users choose a loan plan. Loan approval takes seconds unlike peer-to-peer (p2p) platforms where users have to find a lender. Users can get loans in EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, BTC or stablecoins and withdraw money instantly to their personal bank account. The exchange offers 3 different rates:

  • 30 days (90% LTV) – 2.5%
  • 61 days (70% LTV) – 3.2%
  • 180 day loan (50% LTV) – 8%

The platform also provides a list of advanced features such as “Increase LTV”, “Extend price drop limit”, “Manage loan term”, etc to manage your loan terms and react to market movements.

Turbocharging – This innovative feature based on the principle of automated chain of loans helps users to automatically create up to 15 crypto loans to get more benefits. The platform buys cryptocurrency commission-free, using borrowed fiat, and then uses it as collateral for subsequent loans in the chain.

A bullrun may be too fast to take manual action, once your warranty coin hits the profit price, YouHodler will automatically use the warranty to refund the fee. Users can grab the rest of the crypto and benefit from the price growth.

The exchange allows users to refund the full amount and get up to 6.5% back on their collateral for the original price. Users can use this collateral to repay the loan and take the rest of the deposited crypto using the “Close Now” option.

Last word

The platform complies with EU legislation and laws, which gives it a competitive advantage over other platforms from a legal perspective. It also keeps track of transactions and prevents illegal activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing.

YouHodler keeps customer funds in cold storage, safe and secure. YouHodler has worked with a number of renowned Swiss and European banks to securely hold borrowed assets of its users. It also binds the agreement legally and complies with EU standards and laws.

LedgerVault, a global security leader, protects YouHodler customer funds and provides an additional multi-permission self-custody solution for its users.

The platform offers a dedicated help section where users can find out how certain products work and the platform’s loan terms.

Customers can use their help section to search for different products like Turbocharge Loan or MultiHODL. User can contact support team via live chat or send email to [email protected].

Thereby YouHodler helps users unlock the value of crypto assets by providing various features and services to maximize the return on their crypto holdings.

To learn more about the platform, visit their official site.

Disclaimer: This is a paid publication and should not be considered news or advice.