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“Offering 12v12 combat on large maps with a wide range of vehicles, Halo Infinite takes the beloved Big Team Battle experience to new heights.” / Image courtesy of 343 Industries

What is a Stockpile match in Halo Infinite is something many players are wondering about right now as they attempt to complete their weekly challenges for the first time.

For those looking to complete their challenges ahead of the next refresh, here’s a look at what a Stockpile match is in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

At the time of writing, Stockpile is a game mode that can only be played at random while queuing for Big Team Battle.

Stockpile is played on Fragmentation, Highpower, and Deadlock, and basically tasks players with delivering Seeds of Power that appear on the map at their base. Once players get a certain amount of Power Seeds, they score a point. Players can steal seeds from the enemy team to stagger their progress.

Unfortunately, while many players are given weekly challenges specific to certain game modes (for example, completing a stock match), there is currently no way to queue for certain match types only.

As reported by 343 Industries in their first Welcome to the Halo Infinite MP Beta blog post on November 15, they wanted to start with a “targeted offer” to ensure a healthy match and are monitoring all playlists to adjust “as needed. . “

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