Notre Dame’s football program continues to stockpile talent for the 2022 recruiting class, this time offensive lineman Ashton Craig.

On Saturday night, Notre Dame’s football program landed Indiana offensive lineman Ashton Craig. Less than ten days ago Craig camped out at South Bend and clearly impressed the staff, where they offered him right after his training.

Obviously, once that happened, the Indiana native had the Irish squarely on top of his recruiting. He booked his official visit as soon as possible, and it was in fact during his official visit this weekend that he engaged with the staff on Saturday.

At the end of the day the academics were huge here and then you add the history of Notre Dame’s offensive line, it was the best of both worlds for Craig, and being close to home is definitely a bonus too.

Currently, Craig holds 25 offerings from Boston College, Iowa, Northwestern, and Yale, to name a few.

What does Ashton Craig mean for the Notre Dame football program?

The 6’5,290-pound offensive lineman will bring athleticism to the greats. He has fast feet for his size and goes to second level very quickly. When he comes out of the snap he has great leverage and bends his knees well, which helps him lock his opponent.

The biggest consensus around the world of recruiting is that it will be a solid center to the next level but also has the flexibility to play other positions. For me, I think he could become a stud keeper for Notre Dame.

He has a great arm length, which is in great demand, and his ability to shoot and reach that second level is huge, especially for Notre Dame’s running game scheme. It will be fun to see if he is able to support a solid weight and continue to build his body mass, but other than being a 3-star rookie, he could become someone who will become the next choice of Irish offensive draft, it is thus a lot of potential that he could have in Blue and Gold.

With Craig making it public, there are now 16 commits that are dumped in the middle at eight in both attack and defense. Ashton Craig will join lineman Ty Chan and Joey Tanona in this class’s offensive lineman.

This trio is built strong but I expect the Irish to add at least one more to the play, if not two more. The tackle is a great need and I expect the next players to have the ability to play away.

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