There are never two places you live exactly the same. Each area will have its pros, cons, and issues that residents face and getting to know these little quirks can be a bit tricky. However, knowledge is power and to help you with your move to Tampa, Florida, here’s what new residents need to know firsthand from those who already live in this thriving city.

There is no single festival season

In some parts of the country, the climate changes so drastically that some events are only available at specific times of the year. Typically most festivals are held during the warmer months of the year, but when you live in Tampa, Florida, you will find that the climate allows festivals anytime of the year, regardless of the weather. . Residents are entitled to year round entertainment options for indoor activities and outdoor festivals and believe me when I say there are plenty of events to choose from. Tampa residents are always ready for the next event, so keep your calendars handy and up to date while living in this vibrant community.

No shortage of food options

Even though more and more people are cooking at home these days, you still want to live in an area with plenty of restaurants to choose from. Not every meal can be cooked at home, so it’s always good to have options. In Tampa, Florida, you’ll never be short of delicacies to choose from. Whether you want a burger at a local pub with your pint or are looking for something high end, this place has exactly what you are looking for. Due to Tampa, Florida’s seaside location, you can also sample some of the freshest seafood in the United States.

Know when and where to travel

In general, every city has a certain level of rush hour. For the most part, these hours include parts of the day when people go to and from work. No matter where you live, you adapt to these times and understand when and where to travel. Tampa, FL is no different than any other city in this regard, but there is some extra weather you’ll want to watch out for. Tampa has 3 major league teams, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This means additional income and activities for the city and the residents of Tampa, but it also means traffic on game days. Even if you are not a sports enthusiast, it is worth noting the match days for these three sports teams. Before, after, and even during matches, it’s best to avoid Dale Mabry Highway. Otherwise, you could find yourself sitting in traffic for hours.

Storage units provide an advantage when moving and beyond

When you choose to relocate to a bustling city like Tampa, Florida, you will have a lot of decisions to make and while making those important decisions, having a safe place to store your belongings will definitely help you. Storage units in Tampa, FL aren’t just useful for new residents and current residents, they’re actually essential. Space can be remarkably limited in rental properties and even purchased homes in Tampa, Florida, and due to the city’s location, a basement is just not an option. Storage in an attic is also dangerous due to the high humidity in the area. Storage units provide a safe, secure, and often air-conditioned space to store everything you need. Whether those needs are for seasonal storage or just to keep clutter from taking over your entire home, storage units can be of great help during a move and beyond.

Every town has a famous bar, even Tampa, FL

Cheers is one of the most famous shows in the world and the notion of a place where everyone knows your name is very appealing. Every city has one of these local establishments and Tampa, Florida, the place to see and be seen, is known as the Hub. Music festivals, shows and weekend activities of all types take place at this well-known bar. When you take someone out for a pint you will likely find yourself in this famous space and not only are they famous for their infamous “Hub For” but The Hub’s bathroom has become just as famous as the drinks. You absolutely must make it your usual place of consumption.

Chains Dominate, But Small Businesses Are Here Too

As you enter Tampa, Florida, you will discover a variety of chain restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping malls. They are everywhere and it seems the non-existence of chains still has a property in Tampa, but be sure to check with local businesses as well. Small boutiques and stores can often be overshadowed by large chains and in Tampa it can be easy to overlook local businesses, but be sure to research these small businesses. They need your support and are providing a key service to the community. Buy local when you outing in Tampa, Florida.

Pirates of Gasparilla Party

One of the largest and oldest festivals in Tampa, Florida is known as Gasparilla Pirate Fest. This unique pirate festival has been around since 1904 and every year it seems to get bigger. Hundreds of thousands of pirate-themed boats and festival-goers swarm the city every January, so when you start to see pirates everywhere, you’ve come to the right place.

Moving to Tampa, Florida is sure to be a change from any other place you’ve ever lived, but it’s not a bad thing. This part of the country has some of the sunniest days, so you can always enjoy some time on the beach with your family and friends. It is also ideally located for traveling to other parts of the country as it is close to I-95. With a plethora of job opportunities, Tampa, FL is the place to be.

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