Russia has gathered troops on its border with Ukraine in what many see as an aggressive move to invade the former Soviet Union state. The Kremlin has denied any plans to invade its neighbour, but President Vladimir Putin has so far mustered around 127,000 troops on the border, raising concerns.

President Putin fears that Ukraine will become a member of NATO, further removing it from Moscow’s control.

According to the latest polls from the Center for Insights in Survey Research (CISR) of the International Republican Institute in Ukraine, a strong majority of Ukrainians want their country to become a member of NATO and the EU.

When asked which international economic union they would join if Ukraine could only join one, 58% of respondents said they would choose the EU.


President Putin claims that Russians and Ukrainians are “one people” and he feels that Russia has been “robbed” as Ukraine adopts a more European mentality.

Last summer, the president wrote a treatise called “On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians.”

In this 5,000-word essay, he said: “I am convinced that the true sovereignty of Ukraine is only possible in partnership with Russia.

It now seems increasingly likely that President Putin will seek to take control of Ukraine by force.