An innocent bystander was the victim of a double shooting after an attack quickly escalated at a Chinatown hookah bar early Saturday morning.

Police say a 27-year-old man punched and assaulted an armed security guard at the Day ‘N’ Nite Hookah Bar on Cherry Street just after midnight.

When he attempted to attack with a hookah, security allegedly drew their gun and fired three times, hitting the attacker at least once in the hip. A 22-year-old woman became “collateral damage” when she was hit in the thigh by one of the bullets, police say.

The man and woman were transported to local hospitals, where they are believed to be in stable condition.


Police said the security guard and his attacker knew each other and had backgrounds. The guard was reportedly a former prison officer and the man was his former inmate.

The former detainee is believed to have continually harassed and assaulted the guard, according to police.

The firearm was recovered from the security guard, who has a carry permit. Police say he “freely” admits to the incident and will be formally questioned in connection with the shooting.

An investigation is underway.